Referral Training

Referral Learn To Dive programs

Referral Learn to Dive programs offer a convenient way to obtain your open water license in two parts. First, you start your course at home with a scuba school in your own area, where you can complete the early training and theory in your own time. Once you finish this part, the school will provide you with "referral papers," which you can bring with you to complete your open water certification in Australia.

For instance, suppose you live in the U.K and prefer not to learn to dive in cold English water. In that case, you can sign up with a scuba school in your area, where you learn the basics in a heated pool and take your exams. The school will then give you your referral papers, and you can head to sunny Queensland to board a beautiful boat and spend three days exploring the reef.

During your three-day excursion, you'll complete four training dives, which fulfill your qualification requirements, and enjoy an additional five recreational dives. This option is ideal for those with limited time.

You can join the program at various stages and levels, provided that you have the correct Referral Papers and meet the Australian Standards for medical fitness.

A couple of quick words of caution: when choosing your school, make sure they teach you under an internationally recognized instructional program, and keep in mind that this approach may cost a bit more since you're paying two schools instead of one.

3 Day PADI Open Water Course with eLearning

Learn to Dive   Port Douglas  

Quicksilver's Three Day Learn to Dive Course with eLearning (PADI Open Water Certification) is ideal for those ready to get certified but short on time.

PADI 2 day pool & theory referral

Learn to Dive   Cairns  

The PADI referral system gives you a variety of options to commence and complete your diving education. It is possible to start your PADI Open Water (Learn to Dive) certification with the two-day Pool and Theory Referral Program at the Pro Dive Cairns

Scuba dive certification w/ eLearning (4 day)

Learn to Dive   Cairns  

If time prevents you from participating in our popular five-day course, but you still wish to enjoy the liveaboard experience, this four-day course is the perfect option for you.