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Not every one wants to dive and, to be honest, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's most accessible reefs and offers excellent snorkelling. The only requirements for snorkelling is an ability to swim, fairly good fitness as it a strenuous activity, and the ability to laugh at yourself when you first don the gear and feel rather like a fish out of water.

Most of the day trips offer instruction and include a guided tour as well. Some even take you to sandy cays or islands where you can walk straight in off the beach instead of jumping from a boat. Sometimes large resting buoys are placed short distances from each other so you can snorkel from float to float and rest when you need to. Or if you are still a little apprehensive some companies offer float coats designed to give you extra buoyancy, and all you have to do is kick and gaze.

If you have not snorkelled before, give it a go and you will be richly rewarded. Many of the sites on the Great Barrier Reef are shallow enough that once kitted out and shown where to go, in no time at all you will find your self mesmerised by the beauty below you. The water is warm and you simply will not notice how long you have even been swimming. If you are a novice, look for the companies that include the things mentioned.

We recommend the following tours for snorkelling:

Day Trips - Cairns
Day Trips - Port Douglas
Liveaboards - Outer Barrier Reef

You can also contact us to find out which trip best fits your snorkelling ability & requirements.

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