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Diving Localities - Cobia Hole

Cobia Hole
Dive Site: Cobia Hole
Location: 14°39.919S 143°27.653E. Off the northeast point of Watson's Bay on Lizard Island
Depth: 14-18 metres
Rating: Intermediate
  • Pinnacle of rocks covered with every conceivable marine organism including sponges, soft coral, coralliamorpharians, feather stars, sea stars, sea squirts, shrimps, crabs and gobies
  • Described as a veneer community where reef covers the island
  • Look for sea whips, gorgonian fans and stinging hydroids
  • Hovering bream can often be seen, as well as circling pelagic barracuda or trevally
  • In the nooks and crannies look for interesting sponges, lace coral and sea squirts
  • Large turtles, toadfish and estuary cod can also be seen in the area
  • Explore around the sea grasses and algae on the nearby sand
  • Also check out the inner lagoon
  • Snorkelling is popular everywhere in the area

Note: Latitude and longitude not to be used for navigational purposes - approx co-ords only.

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