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Diving Localities - Paradise Reef

Paradise Reef
Dive Site: Breaking Patches
Location: 16°35.095S 145°58.275E
Visited By: Passions of Paradise, Coral Sea Dreaming
Depth: 0-20 meters
Rating: Novice
  • A giant stride entry off the boat drops you into 15m to a sandy floor
  • Choose from several sites including: The Wall, Peroxide Bommie or The Gap
  • If you take a dinghy dive the Fish Market or North Point Drift
  • Every site has a wall, pinnacle, rich coral head, edge or floor
  • The sandy floor has sea cucumbers eating their way around
  • Two Maori wrasse named Hamish and Ramus appear regularly and like affection
  • See Christmas Tree worms, giant clams, anemones, clownfish, basslets, damsels and butterflyfish
  • Hanging out from overhangs you can see lionfish
  • Soft and hard coral add colour to the constant swarm of fish
  • Plate and fan coral make up the majority of coral life in the shallow water
  • The fish market houses larger trout, cod, parrotfish and wrasse join pelagics, such as barracuda and tuna
  • Bommies rise from 25 to 2m, they provide swim-throughs and good overhangs

Note: Latitude and longitude not to be used for navigational purposes - approx co-ords only.

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