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Diving Localities - Tongue Reef

Tongue Reef
Dive Site: Turtle Bay
Location: 16°18.117S 145°44.468E. North end of Third Sister Reef in Tongue Reef complex
Visited By: Ocean Quest, Reef Quest
Depth: 1-15 meters
Rating: Novice
  • Come face-to-face with a giant 35kg Maori wrasse named "killer" who expects the Divemaster to feed him
  • See the resident turtles, one named "Dopey" may swim right into your viewfinder
  • See a giant clam and several species of sea cucumbers on the sandy floor
  • Staghorn thickets and patches hide many smaller reef fish
  • See soft and hard coral covering the reef edge and bommies
  • Check under plate coral for hovering trout, sweetlip and the occasional barramundi cod
  • On your easy swim back to the boat look hard for the small, cryptic life

Note: Latitude and longitude not to be used for navigational purposes - approx co-ords only.

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