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Diving Localities - Milln Reef

Milln Reef
Dive Site: Three Sisters
Location: 16°47.361S 146°16.362E
Visited By: Scuba Pro, Tusa V, Silverswift
Depth: 1-33 metres
Rating: Intermediate
  • Three Sisters are a series of three large bommies lined up at the back of Milln Reef
  • The deepest rises about 33m off the sand and within a metre of the surface
  • If there's a current start your first dive on the deepest bommie
  • See a giant school of fusiliers, various snapper and chub
  • As you go down the bommie walls you'll see barracuda
  • At the bottom see coral trout and cod move in and out of the overhangs and crevices
  • There is black coral on the deepest side of the bommie which is home to commensal gobies
  • In good visibility see the second sister which is 40m to the east
  • You are likely to see several whitetip sharks resting in the sand
  • Near the surface of the second sister is home to a green turtle
  • The depth of the second sister is 19m
  • Around the base see sharks, blue spotted rays and other sand dwellers
  • Between the second and the third sister you will see a memorable sight, the walls between the two sisters are straight sided and 3m apart.
  • The 3m gap is utterly filled with schools of fusiliers and snapper
  • See brilliant gold and yellow gorgonians

Note: Latitude and longitude not to be used for navigational purposes - approx co-ords only.

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