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Diving Localities - Thetford Reef

Thetford Reef
Dive Site: Thetford
Location: 16°48.472S 146°11.757E. NW side of Bommie Fields
Visited By: Scuba Pro, Tusa V, Silverswift, Coral Sea Dreaming
Depth: 1-25 metres
Rating: Intermediate
  • Almost 2km long reef with scattered coral heads
  • Take a long safety sausage as its easy to become disorientated
  • Between the bommies sandy floors are covered with smaller coral patches and numerous blue staghorn thickets.
  • In the smaller coral patches look for giant clams, butterflyfish, rabbitfish, damsels, angelfish and pipefish.
  • On the bommies you'll be confronted with many swim-throughs
  • The swim-throughs are partially closed on top, sending magical shafts of light down the mysterious passageways
  • Take special care in the passageways while passing the large gorgonian fans and soft coral.
  • Anemones host several species of commensal fish and transparent shrimps
  • Boulder coral heads have dozens of multi-coloured Christmas worms
  • A fish-feeding permit allows the Coral Princess to attract trevally, wrasse, spangled emperor, red bass, blue and gold fusiliers and sergeant majors for the benefit of guests.

Note: Latitude and longitude not to be used for navigational purposes - approx co-ords only.

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