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Diving Localities - Moore Reef

Moore Reef
Dive Site: Moore Reef
Location: 16°52.160S 146°12.353E
Visited By: Reef King, Reef Magic, Tusa V
Depth: 1-25 metres
Rating: Novice
  • A large reef rich with life
  • Operators work mainly in back reef area, all have similar dives
  • Dives over staghorn thickets on sand that slopes and drops to 22m.
  • Explore around the bommies or stay close to the reef edge.
  • Bommies have great swim throughs and are worth exploring
  • Look out for rays buried in the sand!
  • Gullies in the reef side are excellent spots to observe fish
  • Large bommies nearly e\reach the surface, so you can dive your preferred depth.
  • At night see nudibranchs, crabs, worms and outstretch coral polyps.
  • There is an abundance of hard coral in good condition and well interspersed.
  • Damselfish hide in the soft coral and dash out to catch planktonic food
  • Wrasse, parrotfish, emperors, butterflyfish and surgeonfish are common.
  • A school of grey reef sharks have been spotted here, but you're more likely to see a white tip shark.
  • This is probably best as a macrophotography site.

Note: Latitude and longitude not to be used for navigational purposes - approx co-ords only.

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