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What's the most commonly asked question about the Great Barrier Reef? You guessed it - "Will I see a shark?"

SharkIntrigue and mystique, adventure and adrenalin are just a few words that describe the shark experience. These truly graceful creatures have been given a bad reputation by mad men "shark-hunters", mad journalists, mad moviemakers and even some documentaries. Often you hear things being said such as evil menacing predators. This is definitely not true. If you are lucky, and I mean lucky, you may catch a glimpse of one snorkelling on the reef. If you are diving you can go on a shark search and you will more than likely find one under a crevice or sliding by.

Perhaps no other group of fishes has captured the interest of divers and snorkellers as the shark, and of the 340 or so species only a few are threatening with most no more harmful than the tiniest fish.

SharkThe most common variety on the Great Barrier Reef is the Reef Shark. They are generally harmless, quite timid, and pose no threat to divers. Of course there can always be an exception, but that exception is usually provoked, and may come from an over aggressive shark feeding frenzy brought on by irresponsible operators or even careless, non-cautious spearfisherman. The shark attacks that most visitors have heard about occur in the colder areas of Australia and of the fatal attacks, the responsible member is usually the aggressive Tiger Shark or the White Pointer. There are far more fatal attacks on human lives by the common automobile.

There is no cage diving offered on the Great Barrier Reef, however if you are feeling on the adventurous side take a hop to our southern friends. Rodney Fox is the survivor of one the world's worst attacks and now devotes his life to the research and preservation of them. He can even take you to see them.

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