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Marine Life Of The Great Barrier Reef

In many societies there is an increasing demand for new experiences, something different and anything to escape boredom. Scuba diving and snorkelling can effortlessly transport you into another world where the mundane is left behind and there is always something new going on.

Below the surface of the blue sea is the most extraordinary realm on this planet, one that is so imbued with colour, life and movement that it can take your breath away. Life on the Great Barrier Reef is no exception.

The Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder and is a declared World Heritage Site. It encompasses 350,000 square kilometres of the South Pacific Ocean which has plenty of room for an enormous diversity of marine life, both above and below the water.

The eco system supports the greatest concentration of life on the planet including 1500 species of fish, 350 different corals, 4000 species of molluscs, and 10,000 species of sponges. Then of course there is the big stuff. A variety of sharks inhabit the reef and there are dolphins, turtles, and seasonal sightings of migrating whales.

A stunning variety of marine plants, and the ever present sea birds complete the natural web that is the World Heritage ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef.

The following aspects of the marine bio-diversity of the Great Barrier Reef are covered in this section:

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