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Suggested Reading

  • The Great Barrier Reef - Readers Digest Services Pty Ltd
  • Indo Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide - Dr Gerald R. Allen & Rodger Steene Tropical Reef Research (1994)
  • A Coral Reef Handbook - Patricia Mather & Isobel Bennett (Eds). Surrey and Beaty and Sons (1993)
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  • Australian Sea Fishes North of 30°S - Neville Coleman. Doubleday Australia Pty Ltd (1981)
  • Guide to Fishes - E.M Grant. Queensland Government (1982)
  • The Sex Changing Coral Reef Fish - Gillian Eckert
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  • The Handbook of Australian Seabirds - D.L. Serventy, Vincent Serventy and John Warham
  • The Status of Australian Seabirds - B.R King
  • Whales and Whale Watching in Australia - Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service - Commonwealth of Australia
  • Whales and Dolphins of Australia and New Zealand - An identification guide - Alan N. Barker. Allen and Unwin Australia
  • Australian Guide to Watching Whales - Tina Dalton and Ross Isacs. Weldon Publishing (1992)

Information Credits

We would like to thank the following organisations for contributing information to this site:

  • Department of Environment
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  • Tourism Tropical North Queensland
  • Tourism Queensland
  • PADI Australia
  • SSI Australia
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