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Introductory Diving

So you have never dived before but you would like to give it a go. Just what is diving? Well it can be relaxing yet on the other hand it can be action-packed. Sometimes it's tranquil, sometimes it is adrenaline pumping. Adventurous? Yes, but it is also very safe.

Diving is a sport enjoyed by many, many people all over the world, and there are many parts of the world you can enjoy it, but be warned, once hooked no vacation itinerary will be made without some sort scuba dive included in it.

The best choice for the first-timer is an Introductory Dive, also known as a "Discover Dive" or a "Resort Dive". The three terms all basically mean the same thing - a way to get wet, experience the sensation, perhaps see a small amount of marine life, all whilst under very close supervision of an instructor.

An Introductory Dive does not get you a qualification you can use later on. It is a one off experience to see if you enjoy the sensation, or because your time does not allow for anything longer than one day. To do an "Introductory Dive" you still need to be able to perform a few basic skills and go over a few major points.

The dive begins with a dry briefing either on board a vessel or beside the pool. Sometimes there is a video to watch and a quick quiz to complete. Afterwards you do a couple of skills in the water followed by a short shallow dive either in safe surrounds of a pool or in a safe shallow section of the reef. Your dive takes you as deep as 12 metres/40 feet. Of course this depends on wether you are in a pool or the ocean.

The Instructor is by your side the whole time and will even hold your hand if you feel the need. On conclusion of the dive you may get a wall certificate or card depending on what dive company the "Introductory Dive" was conducted and more importantly under which dive code that particular company teach under. I.e. PADI, SSI, NAUI.

Please remember that this certificate is not a qualification and will not allow you any privileges next time you dive - it is simply a memento of one of the best experiences of your life. To get a recognised qualification you will need to complete a Learn to Dive Course.

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