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Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Why waste your time in a job you don't like when you could be a dive instructor. Life's too short and there is a rewarding career for you just around the corner.

What is being a "Dive Instructor" all about? Is it about the people or the water? Why would you choose it as a career? Is it a lifestyle choice?

Being a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor is about all of these things and more.

Everyday you go to work as an Instructor you are rewarded for your abilities and skills as a teacher and informer. Students of all ages and all nationalities will enter your classroom looking forward to learning the skills and knowledge you are about to provide them with. What you teach them will enable them to enjoy their new chosen hobby for the rest of their lives.

Becoming a dive instructor also allows you get out of the 9 - 5 grind and into an environment that is surrounded by colour, beauty and diversity. You can work across the globe and get paid to do what you love…diving!

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